Design A Door

Why Virtuoso?

In today’s modern world, exterior doors, whether a front or back door, need to stand out for being more than just a means to enter and leave a building. A Virtuoso door offers security, interior warmth, and resilience – with beauty. Cutting-edge precision engineering and expertise deliver a door with incredible accuracy, stunning detailing, and unrivalled quality.

We have one of the largest composite door ranges available, with colour options to suit any taste, for any door and on any home. With more than 80 doors complemented by different configurations of glass, door furniture, styles and frames, providing 80,000 choices. Add to this our easy-to-use online design and ordering system, our sales, technical and customer service teams, and it’s easy to see why Virtuoso is the Installers’ and Homeowners’ choice.

It’s Crafted Precision, and it’s built into every door we make.


Our state-of-the-art 120,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility is home to every unique Virtuoso Door and ensures a quick and efficient turn-around. Every single door is bar-coded before entering our seamless automated production line, and is only removed at the very end of the process. Each component is matched to the door’s unique code, ensuring the door your customer ordered, is the one they receive.