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Better for the pocket, better for the planet

Energy Efficiency is a popular topic in recent years. Rest assured, our doors are designed to be super-energy efficient, a Virtuoso door can help to lower carbon footprint as well as reduce bills – because a draught-free home is a warmer home, so there’s less reason to turn up the heating.

Every core is tested for the highest thermal standard. Each-and-every Glass Reinforced Plastic outer skin is scrutinised for blemishes and tested to withstand extreme weather, temperature, bumps and bashes. Triple glazed units offer even better insulation. And virtually-air-tight twin seals contribute to heat retention, whilst keeping draughts where they belong – outside! 

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Improving our environmental impact.

We have ongoing commitment to the environment. Examples of which are highlighted below:  

  • We recycle all cardboard which comes into the factory
  • We recycle all plastic hinge sleeves which arrive in the factory
  • We recycle all plastic packaging from the profile stillages, slabs and other items
  • We have reduced the amount of general waste going to landfill by 40%  
  • We are transforming the factory lighting to make us more energy efficient