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As would-be thieves find ever-more diverse ways of gaining access to a building, it’s more important than ever to install a door with impeccable security credentials.

Aside from the front door, the back door in particular shouldn’t be overlooked – because back doors are more attractive to burglars. Our back doors are as beautifully crafted as our front doors. They’re not cut-to-fit, which can make them weaker, but made to measure, perfectly aligning to the security components that make a Virtuoso door secure.

Just because it’s at the back, doesn’t mean it’s at the back of our mind.

Bsi 2 Secure By Design

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Yale Mantis

With a robust 5mm GRP skin, a tried and trusted Yale Mantis multipoint locking system, strengthening aluminium ‘U’ rail along the leading edge, Ultion high security cylinder – and with the option to upgrade with PAS24/Secured by Design additions – they’re more than a door. They provide safety and security for the UK’s homes.

For added comfort, we even offer £1000 in compensation should you experience a break-in by means of snapping our high-security Yale Mantis cylinder. Our cylinders feature a sacrificial cut, ensuring only the tip snaps off if the end is grabbed, leaving inaccessible metal ahead of the central locking mechanism.

Your customers can go a step further with our high-security Ultion Cylinders.  The security they need with the convenience of one-key-fits-all.

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  • Tried, tested, and tested again to ensure forced entry is as difficult as possible
  • High strength foam core for ultimate thermal efficiency
  • Features Yale Mantis cylinder lock, designed to ensure only the tip snaps off
  • Made to measure to perfectly align to the security components that make our doors extra-secure
  • BSI security standards approved range of multi-point locking systems
  • Police-preferred specification approved for added peace of mind
  • £1000 compensation should a break-in occur by means of snapping our Yale Mantis cylinder lock

Every core is tested for ‘better-than-standard’ thermal performance. It’s 5mm-thick Glass Reinforced Plastic outer skin is of a type used for the hulls of boats, so you can be confident your new door can withstand the worst of UK weather events. It’s tested to withstand extreme temperature, bumps and bashes. Triple glazed units offer even better insulation. And virtually-air-tight twin seals contribute to heat retention, whilst keeping draughts where they belong – outside!